The board

Samuel Ehren


Bart Schijen


Joris van Iersel

Ab Actis & Game secretary

Toine van den Bos

Commissioner Bar and Material

Anton Geraedts

Commissioner Jonghe Honden

Escutcheon of Ascrum

A.S.R.V. Ascrum

The Amsterdam Student Rugby Association Ascrum was founded in 1962 as a subsociety of the Amsterdamsch Studenten Corps. In the beginning, Ascrum consisted of twenty members, all of whom were also members of A.S.C.

The name Ascrum comes from the combination of ‘A.S.C.’ and ‘scrum’. The founders chose this name in reference to both A.S.C. and the rubgy scrum to formalize the relationship.

With the spectacular growth of Ascrum, we now have five teams. Nowadays our members aren’t exclusively members of A.S.C. but the bond still remains.

At Ascrum, we are convinced that we have a responsibility of promoting rugby in its entirety. All the while we also want to keep our association's character and traditions that are part of student culture.