Sponsors of A.S.R.V Ascrum

Together we stand strong


Rubgy is a sport which is known for the unique mentality which consists of values such as respect, teamwork and sportmanship. A.S.R.V. Ascrum gives Students in Amsterdam the opportunity to get to know these values. Our students have become captivated by the culture of rugby.

This culture is not just for students, it has moved some sponsors to become a part of Ascrum.

Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to continue to do what we do best; playing rugby at all levels and continuously promoting this beautiful sport among students.

We're always looking for new collaborations. You can find an overview of the possibilities of sponsoring in our sponsorship proposition document.

We're always open to personally discuss the possibilities with you to create a fitting agreement. You can contact the sponsorship committee via email at

The logo of Hans Brinker hostels

Hans Brinker

The Hans Brinker Budget Hostel is “quite honestly not the best, but definitely the most memorable hostel in Amsterdam” and the proud main sponsor of Ascrum.

Want to stay a weekend in Amsterdum with a budget?

Stay at Hans Brinker!

The logo of O’neills international sports


Proud merchandise and shirt sponsor of Ascrum.

Have you seen our beautiful merchandise on our Instagram or on the field?

Well you can get your own merch by visiting the web shop and look while supporting us.

The logo of Vitamin Support

Vitamin Support

The right nourishment is important.

As a rugby player you push yourself to the limit, but this takes its toll.

So for advice and support for nutritional supplements go to Vitamin Support.

The logo of Studenten Sport Amsterdam

Studenten Sport Amsterdam

As umbrella organization SSA has the task to make sure that the interests of student sports are represented in Amsterdam.

By arranging meetings SSA keeps the exchange of knowledge and experience simple.

Besides connecting all the sports clubs, SSA also gives financial aid which makes it possible for students to keep sporting during their student life.

Het logo van het Universitair Sportcentrum

Universitair Sportcentrum

The USC (Univerity Sports Centre) is focussed on optimizing the sports climate and facilities within the context of higher education in Amsterdam.

The USC embarks on this mission in order to contribute to and have added value for the primary process within higher education instances in Amsterdam.