Ascrum Academy

The Ascrum Academy

The A.S.R.V. doesn't have it's own youth academy, but it does have a significant influx of new members every year. It's a mix of everything. We have boys from the NTC, guys that were goalkeepers their whole life or top athlethes who want to make the step to a teamsport. From experience we know that the use of those different backgrounds indeed adds a lot to the dynamic play that we are known for here at Ascrum.

To safeguard the appropriate progress of the new additions, we have set up the Ascrum Academy. The Ascrum Academy is a platform for lads that want to improve their rugby. It is, next to the neccesary hours on the field, important to also think off the field about the steps you want to take and can to take to develop yourself. From within the Ascrum Academy it will be discussed with you how the neccesary steps will be realised.

Because we know that finding your way in an association like Ascrum isn't always that easy, we have appointed Sander van Hoek as Head of the Ascrum Academy. With his experience in the game and passion for personal development this role is tailor-made for him. With this central point of contact, the search for advice will be approachable and be taken seriously. To make things nicer, the collabaration with our assistant coach Pieter Schoonraadt will result in skill sessions of unprecedented level.

Please contact Sander via:, if you are interested or have any questions.

Gebroeders Van Osch