Front Row Club

The Front Row Club

Without a front row, there is no rugby. To make sure that we can always fall back on our front rowers at Ascrum, we have founded a Front Row Club. The goal is very simple: Make the Front Row Great Again. Everybody that somewhat has the proportions of front rower (or intends to), is eligible.

By organising weekly specialised (guest) practices, we create continuity on our front row. Position specific knowledge and experience will be shared to create solidarity within de front row. The interaction that follows from this will ensure that the existing guard and upcoming talents will be beter prepared to play the front row on ereklasse level.

In addition, a Frontrow manager has been appointed: Paul Braun. With experience in every position of the frontrow and his presence at the training there is central contactpoint for everyone when it comes to the development of the front rowers of Ascrum. The Ascrum Academy and the Medical Committee are also of great added value to this initiative, by offering personal guidance and coordinated front row gym programs.

Join or want to know more? Please let Paul know: +31 6 42 24 70 59

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