Jonghe Honden

This is what Jonghe Honden look like

After completing the six week clinic, you will become part of the Jonghe Honden team and Jonghe Honden competition. In the Jonghe Honden team you will train and play rugby matches alongside your fellow freshmen. You will further develop as an Ascrummer and improve your rugby skills. This year is a great opportunity to meet other Jonghe Honden and create friendships. It is more rule than exception that Jonghe Honden form friendships for life.

Together with your new rugby mates you will compete with Jonghe Honden of other student rugby associations in the Netherlands. These games are the perfect opportunity to show what you are worth, both during the 80 minutes and after the match.

To be a Jonghe Hond means working together with your team on and off the field. Team spirit is very important in rugby and organising events together will be an important part of your Jonghe Honden year. For example, Jonghe Honden organise a party each year and they often go out together. All this together will make sure that you have a great student experience.