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The Amsterdam student rugby association Ascrum was founded in 1962. Ascrum has since grown to be the largest and most leading student rugby association in the Netherlands.

During Ascrum's growth one thing stood strong, the Ascrum culture. Our association's culture is the pinnacle of student and rugby culture. It oozes undeniably from our own IJzeren Huisch. Today, Ascrum is one of the few student rugby associations in the Netherlands with it's own club house.

Whether you study at VU Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam or the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, having our own place in Amsterdam brings a lot of advantages. Our beer price is low, speeches can just be given standing on the bar and after trainings and matches, the IJzeren Huisch is used to drink beer and eat soggy pasta from plastic beer cups. Real Ascrummers even consider the scent of the IJzeren Huisch an advantage…

Ascrum is perfect for students that want to develop their athletic abilities while also enjoying our distict student and rugby culture.


Ascrum houses five teams that play on all levels of Dutch rugby. Ascrum 1 stood their ground in the Ereklasse and even won the plate to show that they truly are at home at the highest level.

Ascrum 2 maintains their placement in the second highest rugby league, namely the first class. Ascrum clearly has plenty opportunities for players to advance their abilities.

For newer or more casual players we have Ascrum 3 and Ascrum 5. They are represented in respectively the third and fourth classes. If you are lucky, you can even reinforce the living legends of the AA.

To keep our players in shape, we have training sessions every Tuesday and Thursday. Trainings consist of strength training and field training. We have professional trainers that are specialized in both strength and field training.

Are you new to rugby? No problem! Come join our Jonghe Honden competition. Take your rugby game to the next level by joining Ascrum!


An Ascrummer needs to satisfy his need for rugby, therefore we have a variety of rugby related activities. For instance playing sevens is a great way to release all your pent-up frustration after the end of the regular competition season. Ascrum participates in the following sevens tournaments: GNSK sevens, Amsterdam sevens and NK sevens.

The stamina built up by playing sevens needs to be maintained for the next season of rugby. The solution is the pre-season training sessions, which will help you maintain and even improve your level of rugby over the summer break.

As the search for more matches continues, more obstacles arise. Such as a burning sun during the Ameland beach rugby competition. Similarly, during this year's annual international trip we went to Lisbon where we endured drought and relentless sunshine. Still we played rugby matches, basking in litres of sunscreen.

A man of Ascrum thrives in the uncomfortable and shuns the comfortable. For our only comfort is playing lots of rugby and showing what we're worth in the third half.

Want to improve your rugby skills?

Rugby clinic

Rugby is a true student's sport. In the Netherlands, there is a special competition for first year rugby players, the ‘Jonghe Honden’ competition.

Jonghe Honden from all different student rugby associations in the Netherlands play matches against each other. After the showdown, there will be a third half where everybody will be dressed in traditional Scottish kilts and we’ll once again measure who’s best.

Every year, approximately 50 guys start the six-week clinic at Ascrum, where the basics of rugby will be taught. Usually about 30 guys remain and start their membership of Ascrum as a Jonghe Hond.

The Jonghe Honden training is every Thursday for the entire year and focuses on bonding and teamwork on the rugby pitch. Besides matches against other student teams, everybody will be encouraged to join one of our five other teams in regular matches on Sundays.

Would you like to be part of this group? Sign up now, so we’ll be able to keep in touch. The clinic will start the second week of September.

In exchange for just €20, you will get six weeks of training with an exciting evening program. At the end of the clinic, we will arrange a match versus another student ruby association.

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