Medical Committee

The Medical Committee

Rugby is a physical sport and unfortunately there will eventually be injuries. The A.S.R.V. has chosen to use knowledge to decrease the impact of injuries on our association. The Medical Committee ensures prevention, inventaristation and the effective recovery of injuries.

The knowlegde will be delivered by Ascrummers in the medical world. On this moments the follwoing people are members of the Medical Committee:

  • Maurits Oostenbroek - Member of the Technical Committee and master student in Medicine
  • Sebastiaan van Osch - Physiotherapist
  • Frits Bekker - General practitioner
  • Justin Leenders - General practitioner
  • Hubert Oostenbroek - Orthopedic surgeon
  • Eric Hammacher - Trauma surgeon
  • Liam Paget - Head coach and PhD candidate in orthopedics

Rugby players need to be fit and alert while standing on the pitch. If that isn't the case, the chance of injury will be bigger. That's why we spend lots of time on fitness and good technique. In case something happens, rugby players don't like to complain and don't want to be held back by a minor pain. That's why many of the Ascrummers keep struggling with injuries for a long time. Next to that it isn't that easy to get the right help if you let every minor strain appear smaller than it really is. With the weekly physiotherapy consultation hours injuries will be detected and treated early. Approachable feedback from the orthopedics department within A.S.R.V. Ascrum will also ensure that rugby players get adequate help quickly with more severe injuries. The medical committee will also focuson the prevention of injuries through preventive S&C programs and providing information on brain injury and care on the field.

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