IJzeren Huisch

The IJzeren Huisch

A.S.R.V. Ascrum is one of the few student rugby unions with its own clubhouse, the IJzeren Huisch. And this is a great advantage.

We can keep our beer price low and if we want to barbecue in the winter, then we can do it inside. At least that was the idea. Today you can still see the traces inside if you know where to look.

After trainings and games, the IJzeren Huisch is always used to drink beer. Furthermore, our general assemblies are held here.

The IJzeren Huisch is is always stocked with whatever you need. Want a protein shake after training? We've got it. Forgot your rugby shorts before the game? The IJzeren Huisch has it all.

The IJzeren Huisch is not just a practicality, it is a monument of Ascrum. Over the years, it has been blessed with the Ascrum culture. With just one look, one sniff, you get one impression, which is one Ascrum.

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